The ‘Why’ Behind The ‘What’

I’ve been on a transformational journey of personal and professional development over the last 3 years, and the two things that struck me like a lightening bolt were how much of a life changing experience it has proven to be (and continues to be) and how none of what I’ve learned was taught in school or college as I was growing up. It seems crazy to me that all these skills which are essential for setting yourself up for success in life are completely ignored by our educational institutions and national curriculum. We’re raising our children without actually teaching them how to get the best out of life or giving them the tools they need to become the best versions of themselves!

Yes – some people manage to figure it out along the way, but often this results in many lost years of stumbling around in ignorance while we figure it all out and try to piece together the tidal wave overload of information that assaults us on an hourly basis. The connected world we live in, and the plethora of information we have access to is nothing short of amazing, but it is often overwhelming and more often that not, we find multiple sources that all contradict each other. So, who’s right? Which is the best method for achieving a given outcome?

I was approaching 30 years old by the time I started to really figure it all out, and realising that I had already wasted the first 3 decades of my life stumbling around in the dark, I decided to make it my mission to help as many people as possible avoid the same fate. I look back on my life now with the certainty that if I had known at 20 what I know now, I would already be a millionaire – there is no doubt in my mind.

My mission is to give people the tools they need to really set themselves up for success, overcome road blocks in life and help to steer them on the path to becoming the greatest version of themselves possible – a you that has all the tools in your tool box to achieve your goals and dreams, and live a fulfilled and happy life.

Professional & Business Coaching

I spent many years feeling frustrated and unfulfilled in my career, so know first hand how demoralising and soul destroying being in such a situation can be. I completely changed my situation (without changing my job) by using the same techniques I will work with you to master so you too can get the same results.

If you’re interested in exploring how we can take your professional life, career or business to the next level, please get in touch for a free consultation by completing the contact form below.

Personal Life Coaching & Mentorship

My life changed in ways I could never have anticipated when I started working with my mentor. Working with him exponentially increased not only my results, but my level of happiness and fulfilment too. He has taught me so much over the years, worked closely with me to help double my company’s turnover in the short space of 12 months and provided a level of accountability that has helped propel me to success. It would be an understatement to say that working with him has 10x’ed my life in every area – I am 100x the man I was even two years ago thanks to his mentorship and guidance.

Having a mentor in life is essential – I firmly believe this, and the results I have achieved from working with my mentor speak for themselves. I have not only exponentially improved my performance professionally, but also in every other area of my life – I went from coach potato to Tae Kwon Do World Champion in just 3 years, have mastered my health and physical body, and built deep and loving relationships in my expanded network.

I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Weight Management Advisor, and so my services meld both personal/professional development and life coaching with health and wellbeing. My mission is to help you master your physical body, master your psychology and master your life. I provide services combining all elements into one programme, with the option to isolate specific elements depending on your particular strengths and weaknesses.

If you’re interested in exploring how I can help you master your mind and your body, please get in touch via the contact form below for a free consultation.