The Power of Language

Language is a really powerful tool; so powerful that we often completely underestimate the power it can have in our lives. Yes – language facilitates communication and collaboration between individuals and large groups alike, but it works at a much deeper level than just facilitating the co-ordination of our activities. To dig a little deeper […]

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Love Your Haters!

I had an interesting experience on Saturday morning, and another poignant realisation around the way I view the World. Throughout the morning, I was getting notifications about people commenting on my blog and liking some of my pages. Now, this in itself isn’t unusual, but the content was. This person was leaving all sorts of […]

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The War In Your Head

We all have those moments where it feels like there’s a battle going on inside of us – those moments of intense internal conflict in which we are consumed by the very dichotomy that exists in our heads. But who are we arguing with? Which side should be believe? Which impulse should be acted upon? […]

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