Resources for Resourceful People

Below is a list of resources that you can use to achieve whatever dreams you have, and whatever goals you set for yourself. I urge you to browse them carefully and extract whatever you see that might serve you and help move you closer to your goals. I have found all of these extremely useful throughout my journey of self-discovery.


  • Audible – online resource for digital books of all varieties. Pay a simple and cheap monthly subscription for monthly book token to spend on any book you desire, and great for reading on the move
  • Centre of Excellence – online learning portal covering every subject imaginable. There are loads of great deals for cheap courses through this site, and although they aren’t as good as some of the more expensive courses they are certainly a great way to get formally introduced to a new subject in an inexpensive way

Trading & Investing

  • eToro – CFD social trading platform that facilitates copy trading whereby inexperienced investors/traders can ‘copy’ more experienced traders with a profitable track record to benefit for their gains in the markets. This platform is also a pioneer in crypt-currency trading and you can trade everything from Bitcoin and Ethereum, to Dash and Litecoin. This is one of my favourite platforms for trading crypto-currencies and stocks
  • LG Trading – Facebook Community – this is my online trading education forum where I am creating a community of like minded financial freedom warriors who are committed to making their money work for them so they can be less reliant on exchanging their precious time for money unsustainably. Feel free to join our community to exchange trading ideas and market analysis, with a particular focus on the crypto-currency markets