Reading List

It occurred to me that I am constantly recommending various different books for the people I meet and work with – I’ve sent out the same or similar reading lists to fellow peak performance enthusiasts so many times now and so have decided to list the best books I’ve read, and that I highly recommend you consider reading, on this page as a resource for everyone to use.

I will keep this list updated with my top 100 books recommendations over time, with a short synopsis and review to give you some idea as to whether or not a particular book can add value to you, your life and your life’s mission.

Just click on the images for each book to take you through to the Amazon page for further details:


Principals, by Ray Dalio

This is THE best book I have had the privilege of reading, and contains the life and work principals of a man who is considered the most successful investor in the World having successfully predicted the 2008 stock market crash. His firm, Bridgewater Associates, operates an ‘idea meritocracy’ and in this sense is probably one of the most forward thinking companies in existence. Ray’s principals described in this book are essential reading for anyone and everyone who wants to live the best version of their life possible, through meaningful work and meaningful relationships.