OMN E035 | Expert Empires & Building Expert Businesses | Nick James Welcome back for Episode 35!   Nick James is an entrepreneurial powerhouse with an impressive track record. Nick attended his first personal development event at the young age of 12 years, and has since immersed himself in serving experts in the personal development space. He’s built multiple high revenue businesses over the years and specialises […]

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Systems Growth

The other thing that we can look at when growing a business is systems. Now that might not be intuitive when it comes to growing a business, but systems go hand in hand with growing your revenue per month through growing your revenue potential per month. When you want to increase revenue potential (read more […]

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Staying ahead of the game

What are some of the other things that we can look at when growing business? Well we can look at the gross profit and the net profit. See when we’re growing the business, we don’t necessarily have to focus just on growing revenue. As I said before we grew our revenue, we had a phenomenal […]

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Revenue Per Employee

Another way to measure your business growth (More here) might be to look at RPE. Revenue per employee. That’s a really interesting number to look at, because when you look at revenue per employee what it shows you is how good your assets are and how good your team is and your systems in your […]

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Revenue Potential per Month

Revenue Potential per Month (RPM) is something I’ve developed recently, that’s a really powerful tool to help you understand what the earning potential of your business is. What does RPM mean? Well RPM means revenue potential per month. Revenue potential per month is based on the total amount of resources that you have available to […]

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What does business growth mean?

Today I want you to think about what business growth actually means. If you’re either; In a business, A business owner, Part of a management team, or you’re in the personal and professional development world. Then growth is a term that you’re going to have come across a lot, particularly in the terms of business. […]

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