Can You Save A Failing Business?

That really does depend on a lot of different factors. The question is, if it was previously successful, then what changed? Did the management of the company change which thus created a chain reaction of events that let to the company being run in a completely different style to when it was most successful? Perhaps […]

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Clarity Defines Your Results

It’s true that getting results in life means taking massive action, failing along the way, and being flexible in your approach – but there’s something way more important than all of this put together that will have a direct effect on the quality of your results; clarity. Here’s the thing – if you’re not first […]

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The First 20 Minutes Is Everything

You’ve probably heard of all these successful people and how they go on about their ‘morning routines’ and how this simple practice is one of the foundations for their successes, right? Me too – and I’m a big fan of a structured morning routine for precisely that reason; when I set myself up for success […]

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