Achievements & Qualifications

Tae Kwon Do

  • Awarded 1st Dan Black Belt – April 2017
  • Double Gold – TAGB British Open Championships – Red Belt Men’s Patterns & Red/Blue Belt Men’s Tag Team Sparring – November 2016
  • Gold – TAGB World Championships – Red/Blue Belt Men’s Tag Team Sparring – July 2016
  • Double Gold – TAGB Welsh Open Championships – Red Belt Men’s Middleweight Sparring & Red/Blue Belt Men’s Tag Team Sparring – May 2016
  • Gold – TAGB English Championships – Red/Blue Belt Men’s Tag Team Sparring – March 2016
  • Multiple Time Regional & National Champion
  • Won 1st Place Gold in Men’s Technical Patterns for all Coloured Belt Patterns from 2013 to 2017
  • Awarded A* Pass Grade for All Coloured Belt Gradings from 2013 to 2016


  • Founder of Platinum Property Care Ltd. – my property investment and management company that I incorporated in February 2017, largely in response to government tax changes in the Buy to Let market, and with plans to grow it nationwide serving investors, tenants and landlords alike through property
  • Founder of the Little Grey Group – the Little Grey Says blog started in late 2016, and the Peak Performance Coaching came to being in the summer of 2017. Plans are to expand the group into education serving personal and professional development, and to to serve as the vessel for output of inspiring and value added content
  • Managing Director of The Studio People Ltd. – this is my family’s business, founded by my parents in 1998. I have taken an increasing leadership role in the business since 2015, becoming Managing Director in December 2016. Together with my family, we grew the company’s revenue from £2m to £4.2m in the space of 12 months from November 2015 to October 2016, and the 2017/2018 financial year is set to be our best and busiest yet. We learned many important lessons going through such a rapid period of growth that now implemented are serving us well as the market leader in our industry. “The Studio People design and build state of the art creative environments that serve media professionals across all platforms and disciplines by providing functionality, inspiration and an environment where creativity can thrive”
  • Trading & Investing – In October 2016 I began the long and winding road of teaching myself how to trade the financial markets and invest. After opening a CFD account in October, my funds were wiped out by early December through over leveraged emotional trading. That was probably the best thing that could have happened to me, as it it drove me to knuckle down and study. Now, I love trading the markets, and my speciality is trading crypto-currencies, stocks and day trading the FTSE100. Everyone should be taught how to navigate the markets, as they are an important tool to understand in the game of making your money work for you

Health & Fitness

  • Level 3 Qualification in Exercise Referral for Health Management – October 2017
  • Future Fit – Circuit Training, Design & Delivery Qualification – September 2017
  • Future Fit – Functional Equipment Training Qualification – July 2017
  • Future Fit – Core Training Qualification – November 2016
  • Level 3 Qualification in Personal Training – October 2016
  • Future Fit – Nutrition & Weight Management Qualification – October 2016
  • Future Fit – Exercise for Fat Loss Qualification – July 2016
  • Future Fit – Advanced Resistance Training – November 2015
  • Level 2 – Gym Instructor Qualification – October 2015