An Introduction

Today, I have a phenomenal in-depth training for you. What I’m going to show you in this series is my six step process, I use with six and seven figure business owners and businesses to help them get phenomenal results in their business.


It’s not just about growing the business, it’s about making sure that we’ve got a fantastic business to grow in the first place. Building solid foundations and then looking at scaling from there. I’m going to talk you through how I think about this process and how we work through these six stages on my business accelerator programs, in order to get these phenomenal results.


The biggest mistake I see six and seven figure businesses making, is talking about business growth before looking at business stability and putting solid foundations in place to make sure that when growing the business, you don’t create more problems in the process. Because I’m all about sustainable growth, I want to make sure that we put in the ground work in first. Build the foundations, so that when you do grow, you have a business that’s worth growing and that provides returns for you. Ensuring you maximise the return on your investment of time, energy and money.


When you’ve grown, and as you continue to grow your earnings more, and when your business is more profitable – you’ve got more cash and it’s a much more enjoyable experience.


That’s not to say that there won’t be challenges along the way. Of course there will. There will always be challenges, and no matter how big you are, or what you’ve been through, there will always be bigger and bigger challenges waiting for you at every step in your journey, especially in business. But that’s just life.


Life will always get harder every single day, every week, every month, every year, life is going to get harder, and business is going to get harder.

The trick to success in life, business or indeed both, is to get better faster than the challenges get harder.


You have to get better quicker than your business gets harder, because it will. Every challenge you surmount, every fear you overcome, every problem you find a solution for, the reward for doing so is bigger challenges, bigger problems and more shit to deal with.


It’s absolutely key that you not only find the solutions and do things the right way to enable you to get over those problems, those challenges, those bumps in the road, but that you grow in the process. You become better every time you overcome something, every time you go through an experience, every time you have a bump in the road.


It’s all about getting better as quickly as possible and learning from the experience and investing in the process.


What I often say when people talk to me about my world championship medal in Taekwondo, is that actually that medal means nothing. In the grand scheme of things the medal means nothing, the title means nothing, it’s been and gone, it was three years ago now almost. I have the medal sat over on my shelf and it’s a nice reminder of what I achieved, but more importantly than the status symbol, it’s who I had to become in the process. It’s the training I had to put in, the discipline, the fortitude, the fears and the self-doubt that I had to overcome.


That’s where the real value is.

The value is always in the process.


If you compare you business to climbing a mountain or indeed several mountains it would be quite applicable and quite appropriate. It’s not about reaching the summit, the summit is only halfway actually. Then you’ve got to get down or then you’ve got to get on to the next place, but it’s who you become in the process of climbing that mountain.


It’s who you become in the process of overcoming those challenges.


It’s who you and your business become in the process of growth, in the process of realizing your greatest potential and becoming the best that you can be. And in business as it is in life that’s all about serving the largest amount of people possible.


It’s about finding meaningful problems in the world that are affecting people and producing, manufacturing, innovating a product or service that can solve those problems for those people.


Then you just go out there and you sell it to them, but you sell it to them in a way that’s financially viable, and that’s going to benefit both parties. It has to be a two-way street, because a business that is not profitable, is not going to be around to serve its customer base for very long.


It’s about service.


We need to make sure that we’re charging enough and we’re generating enough revenue in a profitable enough way, that we have cash in the bank so that we can continue to reinvest in the business Then we can continue to pay ourselves a decent wage, take a decent amount of money out of the business, and so that we can then go on to reinvest in ourselves.  We then also become better people, better human beings and thus better serve our marketplace and better serve our fellow human beings.


This is what it’s all about.


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