You Promote What You Permit

You promote what you permit.

Deal with problems swiftly.

This is a massive massive point and it kind of goes into the high expectations and leading by example. If you permit something to happen in your business, whether it be an action or a behaviour that is as good as promoting it.

What you permit, you promote.

If you allow something to happen, such as someone behaving in a way that isn’t conducive with the values of the business, or there are people talking in a way that doesn’t gel well with other team members and you allow that to happen then you are as good as actively promoting that in the team. And I guarantee you that is the way the other staff members and the rest of your team will view the situation. You either have to nip it in the bud, if it’s not in line with your values and ethics as a business and as a person, or you are as good as promoting that behaviour in your business.


So be very very clear and have the gumption to stand up and be counted when you see problems and when you see things happening in the business that don’t align with the way that you would like things to be done. Rather than turning a blind eye and ignoring things.

I’ve seen done so many times by people who are more interested in avoiding conflicts and confrontation than they are in confronting the problem head-on and dealing with it.


Because they don’t want to have the argument.

They don’t want to deal with whatever situation they’ve built up in their heads

They don’t want to deal with what they think is going to happen, when they confront the person who is exhibiting this behavior which is unacceptable.


When you allow somebody in your business to behave in a way that’s unacceptable, you basically say to the rest of the team that they’re wasting their time by trying hard to achieve what you want. They’re wasting their time in making the effort to behave in the way that you have told them you want them to behave because this person isn’t and they’re getting away with it scot-free.

The prevailing attitude amongst the staff over time will cause a massive massive culture shift to the negative if you allow this to happen. Your staff be thinking if others are getting away with it, if they’re not trying, if they’re taking the piss, then what’s the point in them trying? Your staff will begin to think things like ‘Clearly our efforts aren’t appreciated because this person is taking the mickey out of the business, they’re not behaving in accordance with the values and ethics and the rules and that nothing is being done about it. What the hell’s going on? So why should I even try?’

Trust me having been there and done that – you do not want to be in that situation.

Because there is nothing more toxic to a culture in a business, than one or two people, a small minority, who are allowed to get away with behaviour that is unacceptable and inappropriate.


So you promote what you permit, deal with problems swiftly, nip things that aren’t conducive with the business, the rules, the values and the ethics nip them in the bud quick. Because you cannot afford to let your culture slip, because to bring a bad culture back, to change and shift a culture like that in a business, is a really really hard thing to do.

Now I’ve done this with clients in my Better Business Accelerator programs and it can be done, but it’s a really painful, really difficult and often long-winded process.


Don’t let it get to that point, make sure you nip those problems in the bud nice and early.



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