OMN E040 | Looking In The Rearview Mirror | Kevin Bennison

OMN E040 | Looking In The Rearview Mirror:

Kevin Bennison is the go-to expert in lifting operations, multiple time Tae Kwon Do World Champion (in fact, he hasn’t lost a competition in as long as I can remember), communications and relationship expert and all round beautiful human being. He’s Managing Director of the World’s leading lifting operations training provider Notus Training, and has a vision to revolutionise the lifting industry through his work.

I always learn so much in my conversations with Kevin, and he’s both my best friend and a true inspiration to me in so many ways. Whether it’s hiking up mountains together, or just shooting the shit, I cherish every minute spent with this guy. Join us in this episode as we look through the rearview mirror on 2018…


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