Hire Right and Fire Quickly

So the first thing that I want to share with you is you have to hire right but also fire quickly. Because I was watching an interview with Gary Vaynerchuk a couple of days ago, and he was talking about this whole concept of hiring and firing and he shares my view that you have to hire whether you need them or not. If you find somebody who is a quality person, who you think really has something to add and has something to offer to your organisation, but you don’t yet have a role or position open for them hire them anyway.


Now I’ve been in this position in the past, we had, some years ago, a situation where we were interviewing for an admin assistant, somebody to help out with all the paperwork and the administration of the business and we nailed it down from around 30 applicants to these two ladies. And to be honest, we just couldn’t decide between the two of them, they were both that good on the face of it that we were really really struggling to make a decision.


In fact I’ll share with you that I was actually interviewing, co-interviewing with one of my co-directors and she really liked and favoured the one and I really liked and favoured the other.


So to save killing each other by trying to come to some agreement in picking one, we just decided to let bygones be bygones and hire them both.

And so glad that we did, because they actually both turned out to be exceptional employees.

One is still with the business, the other left a few years afterwards.


But it just goes to show that even though we didn’t have a role open for two people at the time, we still managed to find work for them and actually once we taken them on we were really glad that we had two, where we were otherwise gonna only hire one person because we found that actually there was plenty of work there to keep both of them busy.


So hire right and just hire.


Look if you find awesome people, then hire them, pinch them, get them into your business. Because awesome people, A-grade players, they don’t come along every day especially if you’re in a part of the country, like we are with our business. There isn’t a huge pool of people to pull from, you know, it’s relatively rural here, it’s the countryside we don’t live in a big city like Manchester, Birmingham or London where there are literally millions of people available to pull from.


So when you do get those A-grade players coming along, make sure you snap them up and just find work for them. And if it’s the choice between a couple who look really good, then hire them both, assess them on the job because often you don’t get to know people truly until they’ve been on the job for a few days, weeks or months. And then you can make a decision down the line about which one you keep or which one you move sideways into another role or indeed fire and get rid of out of the business.


You have to make sure that when you’re adopting this strategy, that you fire quick as well.


Once you know, and you’ve got to assess this on an ongoing basis, but once you know that somebody isn’t going to work out or isn’t what they said they were or doesn’t have the skill level or the attitude that they portrayed at the interview, then you need to move on and make the decision to move on very very quickly.


One of the mistakes that we made in business for many many years was we held on to people who weren’t performing for far too long. We moved them around move them upward, sideways, left and right and didn’t matter those people where we moved them to, they really struggled to perform in the business. And one of the things we were really crap at was getting rid of people who actually weren’t A-grade players and weren’t serving the business in the long term.


So hire right and fire quickly.



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