OMN E039 | The LinkedIn Masterclass | Sam Rathling

OMN E039 | The LinkedIn Masterclass:

Sam Rathling is THE LinkedIn Expert and acclaimed International Speaker. She has spoken to audiences in 16 countries, inspiring business owners and sales professionals to generate massive results from LinkedIn… she’s also on a mission to generate over £1billion in sales for her clients through LinkedIn by assisting in developing the right strategies to her clients that help them win more business and get more clients from the social media platform. She trains global sales teams, corporations, business owners and Leaders across the world, on the power of LinkedIn & Business Networking. Her 2 Day Ultimate LinkedIn Masterclass events, Group Coaching and Live Events help her clients unlock the secrets to LinkedIn success and with 11 years’ experience in the #1 organisation in the world for referral marketing, and 15 years of LinkedIn mastery, she has built a business network of over 29,000 people who know her personally, giving Sam a footprint to an extended network of over 32 million business professionals globally. Sam shows her clients how to do the same and open up more opportunities for their business than they could ever imagine. And as if that wasn’t enough, she’s also the acclaimed author of “GIVE: 16 Giving Strategies to Grow Your Business” – Amazing Best-Seller with multiple 5 Star Reviews, “Linkedin or LinkedOut: 107 Ways to Grow Your Business using LinkedIn” and “Building the Ultimate Network” Co-Author alongside Networking Guru Dr. Ivan Misner.

Learn more about Sams story and what she does HERE!


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