OMN E038 | The Ghost Writer | Samantha Houghton

OMN E038 | The Ghost Writer

Samantha Houghton is a very special human being – having been admitted to an adolescent psychiatric unit at fifteen she struggled with chaos ruling many areas of her life for many years. Those struggles ranged from eating disorders to depression and anxiety, and most things in-between. Coming out of the other side of these experiences, Samantha has developed a steadfast resilience that is not only admirable, but inspirational. In February 2017, Sam sat down, put pen to paper and within sixteen days she had written her first book, “The Invisible Girl: A Secret Life”. The book is a story full of hope, strength and tenacity and a huge desire to reach out to others in a dark place. By releasing her story, she had some remarkable shifts in her life and everything began to change. After several months, she truly began to see and feel the power of her story and wanted others to share in this too. She developed a new business helping others to write their true stories through her mentoring programme, online course and ghost writing their book for them, before their book is designed and published.​ Everyone has a story, and Samantha is the go-to expert who can and will help you get your story out of your head and onto paper!

Learn more about Samantha’s story and what she does HERE!


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