Systems Growth

The other thing that we can look at when growing a business is systems.

Now that might not be intuitive when it comes to growing a business, but systems go hand in hand with growing your revenue per month through growing your revenue potential per month.

When you want to increase revenue potential (read more here), and you want to reach that growth and that goal. You have a revenue potential number and you know that potentially your business could be turning over £50,000 per month, that’s the potential. Now your doing £35,000 ( this was the example we had before ).

So how do we get that?

How do we close the gap?

Because this is the gap right.

We’ve got a gap here of £15,000 , this is the gap.

How do we close that gap?

How do we stop leaving £15,000 on the table?

Well the way we do that is we look at this element – growth through systems.

That includes;

Producing better systems,

Building better processes,

Better ways of delivering what we do,

More efficient ways of delivering we do,

Helping us to deliver more with the number of staff that we have,

Helping to deliver more with the amount of resources that we have,

Achieving more with the asset base that we currently have.

Systems growth is all about closing the gap.

Yes we’re looking at increasing revenue, but we’re looking at increasing revenue whilst not increasing costs. Because remember closing the gap only requires investment in systems and that investment is generally speaking, only going to be time. It’s thinking about what’s a better way of doing what we do to get the result that we want without increasing cost.

Because if we can do that more effectively and more efficiently, we can produce more revenue.

This will help us to close this gap and actually we can grow our business without growing our cost base.

Now that is really really powerful.



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