Knowing Your Outcome

I want to give you some goal-setting skills. This is how I goal set, I do this pretty much on a daily basis. Obviously I have my very very high level goals for my life, which I obviously write-down. But one thing I do want to be doing is writing down my goals twice a day because that something that Grant Cardone talks about and I think it’s super super powerful, I’m not doing it right now, I need to be doing more of it.

But this is more of a daily goal-setting hack that is going to make sure that you’re always working on things, that are going to move you towards whatever your goals are in your business.

You are about to get a master class on goal setting like a pro.

So the first thing that we need to look at is what’s the outcome?

Where do you want to be?

So we need to be clear on this here, what’s the outcome? Where are you trying to get to? There’s absolutely no point in setting goals that are not in line with getting you closer towards your higher level outcomes.

What do you actually want to achieve in life?

Well you need to be clear on that first, where are we going? Once we’ve got that, once we know exactly where we’re going, we have some numbers to take care of. We have a number one, we have a number three and we have infinity. I’m going to explain those later in      this series. But firstly you need to understand the importance of knowing exactly where it is your going. If I drop you off somewhere with a map and say go somewhere, you’d be wandering around and not actually getting any results. If you want a result, you have to know where you’re going.

If you take a trip, if you’re getting in a car or getting on a bus, you know your outcome, you know your destination, 110%.

Same in business, same in life, if you don’t know where you’re going then life is gonna knock you around, it’s gonna push you around, it’s gonna hit you from side to side, you’re gonna have knocks, you’re gonna have bumps, you’re gonna have peaks and troughs, and it’s potentially gonna be a very difficult ride for you.

Knowing your outcome is absolutely key.

You need to know specifically and measurably where you’re going.


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