OMN E028 | Health & Safety, Beards & Business Coaching | Simon Walter

Welcome back for Episode 28!

It’s my pleasure to welcome Simon Walter for this episode – a masterclass on all things health and safety, beards and business coaching! Simon is on a mission to help businesses take a common-sense approach to Health and Safety. He is the co-founder of Rhino Safety, and Roar Business Coaching. In Simon’s words, “It’s time to make a change; remove the red tape and put common sense at the forefront of Health and Safety again!” Simon is also the Community Liaison Officer for the Nantwich Food & Drink Festival and a Peer Review Panel Member for ISOH (Institution of Occupational Safety & Health). He is an expert in every way, and a thoroughly outstanding human being!

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Thanks for listening – and remember… stay OPTIMISED!

“Find your Passion, Live with Purpose, Make an Impact!”

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