4 Books That Will Help You Super-Charge Your Sales Game

If you’re looking to super-charge your sales skills then you need to read the following books:

Read the above 4 books several times – these alone will completely revolutionise your sales game and help you to become a master closer as well as being great at selling. Selling is great, but the real value is all in the close!

I also invest just shy of £1,000 per month in a sales/closing coach to help me refine my sales skills on an on-going basis. This is money very well spent, and helps me to hone my skills to ensure the best possible results when it comes to converting my leads into paying customers. I highly recommend you consider investing in a sales coach too.

Role-play is a massive part of success when it comes to sales and closing – it’s not something I’ve done enough of and wouldn’t have had any idea where to start before reading the books mentioned above and working with my coach, but role-play is key for playing out and practicing situations in a safe setting outside of live sales calls. Something I am doing more and more of to get better fast!

One of the most powerful things you can do is to make sure you qualify a prospect before you start selling to them; you need to make sure your prospect is in the market for what you’re selling before you launch into your pitch else it will fall on deaf ears and annoy your prospect. We’ve all had those experiences of shifty salespeople who will try and sell you the shirt off your own back whether you need it, want it or not – don’t make this mistake. The best thing you can do at the start of a sales conversation is to ask as many High Quality Questions as you can to ascertain what your prospect needs – once you’ve found out what they need you can then determine whether or not your product or service provides for that need and this is when the selling should begin.

When you know what a prospect wants/needs, and you are able to identify a product/service in your itinerary that meets that need, the sales and closing aspects of the conversation are easy. Sales is difficult when you try to sell people things they don’t want, need or see the value in – so either help them to see the value if they truly need what you’re selling, or move onto the next prospect!

I actually see sales as a form of personal development when done properly; people are notorious for being unable or unwilling to make decisions in life. Ethical selling is just the process of helping a prospect to think about a decision in a way that helps them to make a decision so they can start to get the results in their life that they truly want. Unless someone makes a decision to change, they won’t get different results in their lives. Of you truly believe that what you have will help someone, then I believe it is both your duty and your obligation to help break down the barriers to their purchase and helping them over the line to get them what they need. If you don’t close them, then you fail to serve them – and service is what sales is all about.


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