OMN E023 | Habits of Success | Jamie Keeling

Welcome back for Episode 24!

This episode see’s me flying solo for the first time since I first started this podcast giving me the opportunity to talk in depth with you about the habits of success that I have tried, tested and come to use diligently over the course of my personal development journey towards peak human performance in every way.

I go over how I set myself up for success in life and in business by going in depth into the core of my morning routine, why I do the things I do, and how I plan my quarters, months, weeks and days to be certain that I am always working on the most important things to me and my business that have the power to really move the needle rather than getting cuaght up in other people’s urgent priorities.

This is a masterclass in success and productivity, so buckle up and get stuck in!

And don’t forget to connect with me @TheJamieKeeling and check out my blog at Little Grey Says

Thanks for listening – and remember… stay OPTIMISED!

“Find your Passion, Live with Purpose, Make an Impact!”

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