OMN E022 | Developing A F**K-It Mentality For Limiting Beliefs | Denise Mortimer

Welcome back for Episode 22!

Denise has been named Forbes Female Entrepreneur to Watch, she is qualified as a positive psychologist and NLP Practitioner, On-Line Business Coach, and International Speaker.

We go deep on the concept of developing a fuck it mentality to limiting beliefs to empower you to achieve your goals in life. Denise tells her story about how she moved from Long Island, New York to England back in 1985, and has been here every since building all sorts of businesses after working for 20 years as a project manager at the NHS. Denise has worked in health and fitness, and coahcing, and has even done a spot of stand-up comedy! All thanks to develping a fuck-it mentality and saying yes to opportunities as they come.

Denise has amazing energy and I thoroughly enjoyed having her on the show.

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Thanks for listening – and remember… stay OPTIMISED!

“Find your Passion, Live with Purpose, Make an Impact!”

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