OMN E020 | Fear, Limits & Self-Belief | Natasha Aylott

Welcome back for Episode 20!

Natasha is the author of the amazing and insightful ‘Get Blissed – Sever the Ties & Liberate Yourself’, Self-Empowerment & Liberation Coach, and Speaker. She is also the Founder and CEO of Get Blissed.

In Natasha’s own words, ‘Empowering people to be mindful and step in to their own brilliance to reach their Bliss. It is my mission to inspire and nurture people to discover their purpose and passion. I will take you on a journey of lifelong learning, by teaching the power of optimism, mindfulness, self-care and strengthen your personal development. Empowering people to make a difference and develop peace for their human spirit and achieve a Blissful life.’

This episode takes us deep into the subjects of fear and limiting beliefs, and more importantly how to use these things rather than allowing them to use you.

Natasha is putting on an amazing Art Yoga Retreat in the stunning mountains of Turkey this coming Spetember – you can find out more and book your place by CLICKING HERE.

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Thanks for listening – and remember… stay OPTIMISED!

“Find your Passion, Live with Purpose, Make an Impact!”

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