Clarity Defines Your Results

It’s true that getting results in life means taking massive action, failing along the way, and being flexible in your approach – but there’s something way more important than all of this put together that will have a direct effect on the quality of your results; clarity.

Here’s the thing – if you’re not first clear on your goals and desired outcomes, then how can you ever hope to achieve the things you want in life? Put more simply; if you don’t know what you want, how can you ever hope you get it?

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well, it is… so why do so many people let themselves down when it comes to clearly and concisely defining their goals in life? I’d say there are lots of reasons that all compound to the overall net effect, however there’s one that’s far more prevalent than all the rest – and that’s laziness.

Sounds harsh, but hey – the truth hurts.

Most people understand the importance of sitting and writing out their goals to plan their lives, and more importantly plan their approach. Yet, we human’s prefer the path of least resistance as our default modality, and so the overriding lack of discipline to complete the things that have the potential to really move the needle in your life is all to easy to succumb to when laziness takes hold.

Clarity takes effort because it requires you to get specific about exactly what you want, and exactly how you’re going to get it.

Clarity is the difference between wanting to be wealthy and successful, and wanting to generate £1,000,000 in income within the next 12 months by building a successful business in a particular niche or field. One is wishy washy, and the other is so specific that there’s no question as to what is desired, to what level it’s desired, and when it is desired by.

If there were two people chatting about their futures in the pub, and each of them told the other of their goals with one adopting the vague notion of success whilst the other gets extremely specific about what they want from their future, which do you think would be most likely to have achieved their goal 12 months down the line? I know who my money would be on, and it wouldn’t be the person lacking clarity in their vision.

It doesn’t matter if you want to become a World Champion Martial Artist or build a successful multi-million pound business – you will not get there if you don’t nail down the devil in the detail. You have to know exactly what you want, what it looks and feels like for you, and most importantly WHY you want it.

When you have a strong why driving your actions in life, you become unstoppable – so whereas it’s important to clearly define your goals, it’s also super important to get clarity on why you want to achieve those things. Again, get specific! It’s no good to say you want to achieve your goals because it’ll make you feel good – how will it make you feel good? What does good feel like to you?

Mastering personal achievement is all about clarity, and the only way to get clarity is to get specific – not just about your goals, but about why they’re your goals and why it’s so important to you to achieve them.


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