OMN E012 | The Biggest Mistake In Business | Jamie Keeling

Welcome back for Episode 12!

In this episode, Jamie reveals the biggest mistake most entrepreneurs and business owner make in business that can have a literally crippling effect on not only thier business, but their health and happiness too.

Most entrepreneurs and business owners have big dreams and aspirations when they leave employment to start thier own business, and generally speaking they all want the same three things regardless of what industry they’re leaving and what business they are setting up. Those are that they want more time freedom, more wealth (higher income), and to do something that they can see has a massive positive impact in the world so they can leave a legacy for years to come, knowing that they played their part to make a difference.

Why is it then that so many businesses fail? It’s a shocking statistic – 96% of businesses FAIL within the first 10 years of operation. Why is this number so high? How can entrepreneurship only have a 4% success rate?

More importantly, what can we do differently to improve these numbers? What can we do differently to almost guarantee success?

Jamie will explore and answer all these questions and more in this revealing and profound episode on ‘The Biggest Mistake In Business’. Enjoy!

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Thanks for listening – and remember… stay OPTIMISED!

“Find your Passion, Live with Purpose, Make an Impact!”

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