Brain Money – How Are You Spending Yours?

I want to introduce you to the concept of ‘brain money’ – that is, to shift the way you think about how you use your brain in order to achieve better results; namely, a greater level of happiness and fulfilment in life.

Each one of us has a brain (yes, believe it or not, everyone does have one – though you wouldn’t necessarily know it observing certain behaviours and actions!). Each person’s brain has a finite amount of energy available to it each minute, hour and day, and how we direct the use of this energy is pivotal in the results we see in our lives (or, lack thereof).

So, think of it like this; each unit of energy is like a unit of ‘brain money’ that we have available to us to spend each and every day. Once the money is spent, we have to sleep in order to ‘earn’ more of it, so we have fresh reserves available to spend the next day upon waking. This provides an interesting perspective, and helps us to see how detrimental to our performance it is to spend our ‘brain money’ on things that don’t serve us – akin to those who spend every penny they earn (even sometimes before they’ve even earned it) the second it hits their bank account on material things that provide a short burst of pleasure through the release of dopamine, but which quickly fades leaving a hole that needs to be filled… usually by another impulsive purchase, and the cycle continues.

In this example, we buy more and more shit that we don’t need, and fill our houses and lives with clutter that neither serves us, nor inspires us much beyond the initial moment of making the purchase.

It’s time to think a little harder about how you’re spending your brain cash!

You only have so many brain cycles available to you in any given day to use on processing information, thinking and executing physical actions. So think about this; if you’re spending time in your day worrying about things that haven’t yet happened (and probably never will), then you’re using up brain currency that could otherwise be directed towards investing in improving your life in one way or another.

For example, if I spend an hour of my day worrying about money or the wellbeing of a spouse, that’s time and brain energy that I no longer have available to use for constructive thinking that I can use to build the best life possible. Rather, when I redirect my focus and spend that time and brain energy thinking about ways to be happier, more fulfilled and how to increase the resources available to me in my life then I will see a definite return on that investment. Where focus goes, energy flows, and results show – with my focus on increased success in all areas of my life, rather than wasting it on anxiety and worry, I am directing that energy to deliver positive results, rather than continuing to exist in a perpetual state of helpless uncertainty.

This can be more easily said than done, but it’s important to remember that anxiety by it’s very definition is worrying about something that might happen, not something that has or will happen. In most cases, the things we worry about never happen, or at least never happen to the extent and severity that we imagine when we’re engaged in the act of worrying. Our minds can always create challenges that are way worse than reality because our minds are powerful tools – so instead put that power to good use, and direct it to achieving your goals and dreams. You can use your brain energy to conjure a strong state of self-belief that serves you and drives you towards your goals, or you can use it to create a swamp of uncertainty and anxiety that keeps you where you are, or even worse, regresses you.

So, go shopping today – but spend your money intelligently, and make sure that your ‘purchases’ serve your higher self by delivering the life of your dreams. The only barriers we face are those we erect ourselves – get out of your own way; there’s a superhero inside each and every one of us.


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