The Key to Unlocking Life’s Potential

To say that my unabated pursuit of education and personal development has shifted the gears on my life to another level would be the understatement of the century. The knowledge I have gained from experts, books, on-line media and individuals through my mastermind groups has provided me with the tools I needed to build a platform from which I could launch my journey of exponential growth. It has been a journey filled with lofty highs and chasmic lows, and everything in between, yet it has been one of the most rewarding journeys I could have chosen to embark upon.

Education truly is the key to unlocking the dormant potential in your life – taking action on the things you learn is putting that key into the lock of life and turning it until your potential transforms into results.

The world is full of people who are excellent at complaining about everything they see as holding them back in their lives, yet paradoxically, they are the same people who take no action to change the things they complain about. Their world is full of reasons why not that you and I know are better described as excuses. We’ve all heard them, and we’ve all used them at some point or other in our lives – I haven’t got the time, I haven’t got the money, I don’t know the right people etc. Sound familiar? I know they do to me.

This was my consistent rhetoric for the first 26 years of my life, and my results over those initial 26 years show it. Some people are multi-millionaires by the time they hit their early 20’s, and others have travelled the world and already ticked multiple activities and experiences off their bucket list. Not me. My main real-world achievement in my early 20’s was getting myself on the property ladder (with the help and support of my savvy parents) but everything else in my life was severely lacking.

I always seemed to find the wrong women to fall in love with, never had any time or money to do the things I enjoyed, and what the fuck was a bucket list anyway?

In this sense, I felt very much like a late starter in life. Everyone around me seemed to have a clear sense of direction, and knew exactly how to channel their passion and purpose in ways that were congruent and synergistic with their life’s goals. Where did they get this deep level of clarity from? And where was mine!

The answer came to me when one day I started to do things differently.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” – Albert Einstein

Dear old Albert said it so well. Thinking about it, isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same things whilst expecting different results? Simple really, yet some many people and businesses fail on this very concept. Businesses fall into the trap of thinking that in order to grow their company they need to do more of what they did to get them to the point they are currently at. Big mistake. More of the same is only going to get you the same results, and more importantly will only serve to stunt and limit your growth, whether personally or professionally.

Doing things differently to how we’ve previously done them is key to growth in any area of life, and growth is key to success. Growth is the primary result of expanding our knowledge though education, and success comes from taking massive and consistent action on the knowledge we learn, collect and assemble to serve as the driving force for both our personal and professional development and evolution.

Are you frustrated with your life right now? Are there things about your currently situation that you wish could be different? Do you wish you could earn more money, or be financially free? Do you wish you had more time to send with your family and friends, doing the things you love? If the answer is yes to even one of these questions, then all you need to do is follow these two simple steps – increase your knowledge in the area of your life you want to change, and then take massive action by consistently putting your newly acquired knowledge into practice. Following these two simple steps will change your life in more ways than you can imagine, and the more you learn and put into practice in your life, the more the effects compounds for you and delivers ever increasing results. Progress may be slow at first – this is a completely normal and necessary stage of your self-evolution – but as time progresses and your learning and new found skills compound, you will start to see bigger and bigger shifts in the way you show up in your life and the results you get. This will build your confidence in all areas of your life, and is an amazingly valuable way to build your own self-belief. After all….

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – youre right” – Henry Ford

Often, our own minds are our own worst enemy. Many a time has a person failed themselves by putting the brakes on before they’ve even left the starting blocks – all because they have no faith in their ability to achieve their dreams and goals. If you don’t believe you stand any chance of success, are you really going to put your all into a new hobby, business or endeavour? Will you even start? The answer is a resounding ‘no’. Self-belief is the first stage to achieving anything, and self-belief is fuelled by one powerful thing – your ‘why’.

If the ‘why’ motivating your decision to act is powerful and speaks to the depths of your soul then you are more likely to do whatever it takes to achieve your vision, dreams and goals in life. It’s that simple. A weak ‘why’ will result in a weak drive, a lack of passion and a lack of personal power, which will kill motivation and increase the volume of the limiting voice in your head telling you it can’t be done so why even bother trying. Fuck that voice. Find meaning in the things you want in life that gives you the power to succeed by making the focus of your dreams and goals about others, rather than about yourself. For me, one of my main goals in life is to be financially free – not because I want to drive fast cars and holiday 11 months of the year (though, those will be great side benefits), but because when I am financially free I will have the resources to help more people get more out of life. If I am worrying about money, and servicing my own family, then that takes focus away from my desire to help others, and my lack of financial resources means I have less left to give. I see my own attainment of financial freedom not only resulting in a better life for me and my family, but also for every single human being on this planet that I can touch through my work; work that I choose to do, not that I am forced to do.

The more I invest in my education, the more my education invests in me. Whether it’s listening to my audio books on my drive to work, reading an interesting book on the toilet, or attending a weekend long full immersion seminar on a given topic, I am able to learn something new every single day. What’s more, I can learn something on my 7 minute drive to work that I can implement in my life as soon as I get out of the car at the other end, and it’s these baby steps that add up over time and compound to produce astonishing results. Money isn’t the only thing that benefits from the wonders of compounding… education does too.

Think about it; if I could learn and implement even one small thing per week, over the course of a year that would amount to 52 new skills or ideas that I have taken action on in my life. Do you think 52 new skills or ideas has the power to move the needle when it comes to the results I get? You bet it does! Imagine what sort of a difference implementing 52 new ideas or skills into your life would make over the course of the next 12 months – and all it takes is learning one new skill or idea per week. We can all manage that.

One of my favourite pursuits is to look at where there’s ‘dead time’ in my life, and explore ways in which I can hack that ‘dead time’ and make it work for me. Situations where most people experience dead time are typically driving, taking a shower, using the toilet or waiting in line. These are hours of your life that you will NEVER get back! Even if you have nothing to do with the stock market, everyone is an investor – we all choose how we invest each minute we are alive, and the investment of our time is one of the most important investments we can or will ever make. Invest in yourself, invest your time wisely and don’t let a single second go to waste.

The cost of learning can be a big limitation for some people – especially with courses that cost thousands of pounds. That said, most people don’t do due diligence by comparing the cost of such education to the cost of the alternative; ignorance. Which do you think will be most expensive in the long run? My bet is that education will pay back to you a million times over, whilst ignorance leaves MILLIONS of pounds on the table. You have to think of your on-going education as an investment that when implemented in your life will pay for itself and more – in fact, good education will return value to you exponentially for the rest of your life IF you take consistent action in its implementation. Ignorance will cost you a fortune, and leave you wondering why wealth always seems to flow in the opposite direction to your bank account.

“There is not a lack of money in the World; there is a lack of creativity when it comes to accessing it”

Education helps feed the creature of creativity within each of us, and this is one of the most poignant reasons why wealthy people have dedicated their lives to education, and continue to do so long after they have achieved massive levels of financial wealth and freedom. They know that spending £9,000.00 on a seminar in their chosen field will not only pay for itself, but will realise millions for them over the following weeks, months and years. Not only that, they are decision makers – people who are courageous in the face of fear, people who act in spite of any self-doubt they may harbour. They learn and grow, then implement their new strategies and grow some more – both spiritually and financially (yes, the two do go hand in hand – don’t believe anyone who tries to tell you otherwise).

I am currently working on getting creative so I can fund my on-going education, and my partner thinks I’m crazy for believing I can get the funds I need for my new stage of learning and growth, but I know that the money exists in the world and all I have to do is be creative enough to unlock it – and that once I do, that education will pay for itself by return, and will provide a financial return on my initial investment 1000 times over (at least). There is always a way – our job is to find it; that is the true purpose of life.

My most recent investment in my on-going education is this book by Tim Ferriss:

I can’t wait to get stuck in!

Believe in yourself, Invest in yourself – and take massive consistent action! The results will blow you away.

You can spend years figuring life out for yourself with mediocre results, or you can literally stand on the shoulders of giants and learn from all the great philosophers, business owners, entrepreneurs and successful people who have populated the expanse of human history, and build on their teachings to propel yourself up to a new level of life mastery. I know what my preferred route is, and I have no desire to sacrifice progress for the pride in figuring it all out myself. Learn from the mistakes of others, and build on their successes and insights so we can all get to the next level together.

Finally, remember; when you reach that platform of life mastery, don’t forget to reach down and give a helping hand to others on their way up. The more we increase our capacity to receive, the more we also increase our capacity to give, and this is my prime motivation and drive for success – so I can reach down and help more people up when I get there.

What can you learn today that can take you to the next level?


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