It’s MY Life

This blog is for all my fellow MMI graduates, and anyone interested in what the Millionaire Mind Intensive is all about – it was an amazing event, and if you haven’t been, you should!


On Sunday afternoon we were re-introduced to this song by Bon Jovi in a way I’ll never forget, and this song now holds so much potency for me that it will serve as a powerful reminder of the lessons we learned that day for the rest of my life.


I’ve always liked this song, however following the amazing weekend we had in London this song has become a powerful and emotive anchor for me – I will remember that Sunday afternoon vividly to the day I die; it will be my source of strength, and a potent voice reminding me that I CREATE MY LIFE. Here’s why…


After two and a half long days of unlearning the bullshit conditioning that prevailed in one form or another for most of the people at the event, and subsequently re-learning and re-conditioning my mind and body at a cellular level with an approach of congruent empowerment and spiritual enlightenment (yes, that’s right – money, wealth and spirituality go hand in hand), what we experienced that Sunday afternoon changed the way I view myself and my world forever.


That afternoon, as Marcus stood on stage and began explaining what we were about to do, my emotions (and, I imagine, those of everyone in the room) were running high. The energy was immense, but even that was about to be blown through the roof.


As the disclaimer forms were handed out for us all to sign, Marcus explained that we were all about to be provided with the ultimate opportunity to break through our bullshit limiting beliefs… we were to break a hunting arrow, with the point resting on the soft parts of our necks just above the sternum and the opposite end firmly supported against a partners hand. That’s right, we were to snap an arrow with our necks. The game was on.


As we patiently listened to his explanation of what was to follow I could feel the tension in the room rising. Were we really about to do this? What if it didn’t work? What if it pierced our necks, impaling ourselves on our arrows – a tool used to realise the state of death as it’s primary intended purpose? I can only speak for myself, but I’m sure my fellow graduates will agree, the mind chatter was almost intolerable. Fear was taking hold and ripping us away from ourselves, toying with us, doing everything is could – saying everything imaginable – to scare us into submission and to keep us firmly stuck where we were; knee deep in our own shit.


How you anything is how you do everything.


This was the ultimate test – and I thought walking on a bed of hot coals at UPW at the end of April was going to be a challenge!


So, the room of over 1000 people signed the forms and split into groups of 10, and each designated a leader for the group – I was the leader of mine. I gathered the forms to hand back to the trainers, and as I handed over our forms, I was handed back 10 arrows, a heavy duty safety glove and protective glasses for each member of my group. Shit was getting real.


Were we really going to do this?


As I handed out the arrows to each member of my group, none of us could resist the temptation of testing the point to try and get a feel for what we were about to do. Now, the point wasn’t to a fine to point, but even slightly rounded it felt very uncomfortable even testing it on the area of my neck which was to be the primary pressure point for the break. Again, the volume of the mind chatter was rising – what the fuck am I doing? What if..? What if? What if? A lot of what if’s were going through my mind – my conscious self was trying to take me out of the game, and it was a constant battle between the fear in my mind, and the courage in my heart. I knew I needed to do this, but even then I had no idea how powerful the experience was going to be.


You see, the minds primary role is for protection against change, derived from millennia of evolution to that end. It’s always done a fairly good job of stopping us from being eaten by large wild predators, however these days that same mechanism is mostly responsible for our ability to create our own limiting beliefs which take us out of the game of life as we squash any opportunity that comes our way which puts us outside our nice little comfort zone. The problem is, you can only grow so much in that comfortable little zone, and the people in life who achieve great things – whether that be great wealth, great feats of nature and great success – make it their life’s mission to put themselves outside their comfort zone at every opportunity.


As we learned over the course of the weekend, as you grow your comfort zone, you grow your money/income zone.
“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch 
I have found this to be true in other aspects of my life over recent years, particularly in regards to my Tae Kwon Do career, but what we were about to experience was about to calcify the truth in this statement in a way that left a lasting impression on all of us.


In that moment, as we stood there in our groups with our arrows and equipment, we had to make a choice – were we prepared to break through out bullshit limiting beliefs once and for all? Were we prepared to do whatever it takes? For me, the answer was a nervous, yet resounding, YES!


Before we could commence the exercise we had one job left to do; pick our most potent limiting belief and write it on our arrows to symbolise breaking through those beliefs as we broke through our fears and through our arrows.


As the martial artist in the group, and being the leader, I put on the protective glove and sat into my stance to brace the arrows for my partners. One by one they conquered their fears, showed unwavering courage, and smashed through themselves. Each and every one of us stepped up the stage, placed the point of the arrow on our necks as we had been directed, and pushed ourselves into the point.


We all snapped our arrows; the resulting rush of emotions and biochemicals was exhilarating, liberating and empowering as they coursed through our minds and bodies.


We celebrated like crazy after each person snapped their arrows, with high fives all round in recognition of each persons fortitude towards breaking through their fears and limiting beliefs. After everyone was done, the music came on full volume and the room exploded! They played Bon Jovi’s ‘It’s My Life’ and although I’ve heard that song a hundred times before, it played with so much more power and meaning that day and became a powerful anchor for the experience we had just shared together.


Let me tell you, being part of a group of a thousand people all operating at that level of empowerment and exhilaration was an amazing environment to be a part of, and a feeling I will never forget as long as I live.


What did it teach me? It taught me that fear kills dreams, and also that all we have to do to get where we want to be in life is to recognise that internal self-talk for what it is, say ‘thank you for sharing’ as we push it to one side, and move forward anyway. It taught me that dipping my toe in the waters on my dreams is painful, the same way pushing our necks against those arrows slowly and cautiously was so much more painful than pushing into it with force and congruent determination. If you’re going to do something in life, then fucking do it – don’t dip your toe in the waters of your dreams, jump the fuck in and go for a swim. Immerse yourself in your dreams, and immerse yourself in the attainment of them. Push straight into the arrows in your life – your dreams and goals – and do so with power, purpose and passion.


It reminded me that I can do whatever I decide I want to do, it reminded me that the only person responsible for creating my life is me. I make my own opportunities, I decide who I am going to be, and I decide what level I play at when working towards my dreams and goals. I am the sole person responsible where I am right now, and I am the only one who can change that – all it takes is making a choice to step outside that comfort zone, say thank you for sharing to my mind and its attempts to protect me from success by keeping me in my comfort zone, and to do the work that speaks to my heart by playing all out, full on, at 110%.


It was also a powerful reminder of how important it is to have a good team around you, whether in life or in business. Having my strong team around me providing their unwavering support and cheering me on only served to add to my resolve and helped to calcify my belief in my ability to succeed. The power of having a good team around you cannot be understated in anything you do, and this powerful lesson was a healthy reminder of that fact. We shared our apprehensions and fears, and we shared our success – supporting my fellow team mates as they broke their arrows, and celebrating with them was almost as powerful and rewarding as completing the exercise myself – another important lesson; the fruits of success aren’t just derived from our own achievements, but also from serving others and being a part of their success. After all, what’s the point of developing ourselves if we don’t then use our new found power, skills and abilities to help others do the same, to help others rise to their challenges, overcome them and win the day. Your own personal success is only part of the equation, the other part is the role we play in the success of others.


This experience changed my life; it taught me so much about who I am, and who I have the potential to be. It taught me that I am responsible, and I have the power to create whatever life I want – all I have to do is recognise, understand and push through my fears and limiting beliefs, to step outside of my familiar zone of comfort, and do whatever it takes, within moral and legal boundaries, to create the opportunities in my life that will deliver me to the success I dream of.


And do you know what’s particularly exciting about this? Everyone can do it, all it takes is a choice.


Check out the song below, and have an amazing day:



Edit: Here’s a photo of the remains of the arrow I talk about in this blog – I’ve stuck it atop my computer at work to serve as a perpetual reminder of the experience and what I learned. I said I would post a photo in the comments, but am not able to do so which is why I’m posting it here at the end of the article.

Jamie Keeling Little Grey JK Arrow Break
Remnants of my arrow from the arrow break exercise – MMI 31/03/17 to 02/04/17




5 thoughts on “It’s MY Life

  1. All good stuff. Just watched one of Harv’s videos. Yep, all common sense stuff. We are pre-programmed. And that is the biggest obstacle for most. I was having a problem with the real hunting arrow thing. So I had to look up a video. This is what my idea of a “hunting arrow” is. My old boss was a avid recurve bows man.
    Got me all kinda worried.
    Thanks for sharing Sir James.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Stephen – thanks for your comment! I learned that my mind is the only thing holding me back, and it surprised me how much that was the case as I thought I had a pretty good handle on it – the arrow exercise was very revealing in that sense, but empowering too as awareness is the first stage of change. After all, if you don’t know there’s a problem, how can you hope to change it! Yes – those are some serious arrows. I’ll try and get a decent picture of the arrow we used for reference – it’s stuck on top of my computer screen at work as a reminder of the valuable lessons I learned through the process. It isn’t as hardcore as the picture in the link you’ve posted, but it was effective nonetheless. The tip is similar, only without the fins and with a slightly more rounded end. That said, if you were to fail to do the exercise properly, the tip will definitely cause pain. That was one of the lessons it was so effective at highlighting; if you’re going to do something then you have to push through your limiting beliefs with power and momentum. Easing yourself into pursuing a goal, as with easing your neck onto the end of an arrow, will only cause discomfort and pain. The main reason I used the word ‘hunting’ as a prefix was to attempt to elicit the same emotions and feelings our head trainer elicited when he was explaining the exercise, as he opened by explaining how these arrows would drop a 20ft bear if fired from a bow. Whether they would or not is irrelevant, as at the time we hadn’t seen the arrows up close and so his description served to exponentially increase our tension and get our minds running away with us to really test our resolve in the face of fear. It’s why the exercise was so effective, and I wanted the reader to get the benefit of context. Again, thanks for your comment, and thanks for reading 🙂


  2. Yep I would not put the pictured arrow anywhere near my skin, as them fins are actually razer blades, and for what I am aware of, is needed to penetrate an animals thick skin. and do massive damage internally. Anyway. fun aside. I got the point (no pun intended) I did watch a Harv video 1:45 hours of it. Twice, as I got Aleta and Thomas to watch it also. I kinda already knew everything he was saying. And preconditioning, even prior to birth, is a powerful thing. Check out Gabor Mate. We are our worst enemies. However I will say that “the uber rich” are not interested in the masses gaining the same status. Not unless it benefits their journey like Harvs’. Right or Right? My line of thought is RBES where there is NO ownership. And unfortunately I strongly think that this materialistic world, one of money power and ownership, is on its last legs. Even the Smart uber rich know this, and I am sure they are positioning themselves accordingly. Take what you can from the likes of Harv, as knowledge is king. But make sure you are diversified in you logic. Because the world of tomorrow will be vastly different from today. That that’s a fact Jack.. XX


    1. The more and more wealthy people I meet, the more and more I see them, for the most part, to be kind, generous and humble human beings who make it their life’s work to change the World and help people to help themselves. Are their rich arseholes? Well, yes. But let’s be careful not to judge the majority on the basis of a minority. I have learned so much about money and wealth, and what part it plays, over the last 18 months, and the more I learn, the more I see it as a power for good. Wealth, money – it’s not about the money; it’s about giving yourself choices. The system is set up in a way that anyone can win – it’s simply a case of knowing the rules of the game and consistently applying them. One of the reasons for writing my book is that I’m sat here at 30 years old wondering why the fuck no one taught me this stuff in school, or when I was growing up – why the hell isn’t this stuff a key part of the curriculum? It’s essential in order for us to set our children up for success, so that they have all the tools they need to be the very best version of themselves possible. In that sense, we are failing our kids. You might say that’s no accident… I may agree. Regardless, it is a sad situation to find ourselves in, especially in 2017! That said, things are changing. I honestly believe that the rate at which we are seeing more and more people waking up spiritually and achieving substantial financial wealth at the same time is on an exponential growth curve and showing no signs of abating. The entrepreneur revolution really is upon us – if you haven’t read a copy of the book by the same name from Daniel Priestley then I highly recommend you check it out. The more and more people who strive to combine solid spiritual morals and ethics whilst also building wealth in all areas of their lives, and the more and more people like this who are successful, the more of a difference we are going to be able to make, and more quickly.


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