Thoughts On 30

I turned 30 years old on Monday, and I’m happy to say I’ve been blessed to be able to spend it with the people I love and doing things I enjoy. So many people have wished me a happy birthday, yet about as many have added an interesting statement onto their wishes of wellness. That statement?

“It’s all down hill from here!”

People seem to have it in their heads that once you hit a milestone like your 30th birthday, your best days are over and you now start the slippery decline into old age.

I call bullshit.

I stand here on the precipice of my life, feeling as though I’ve spent the last 30 years climbing the mountain, and now I am at the peak ready to fly. The walk up the mountain was just the preparation. This, for me, is when life really begins. It’s like learning to drive a car, only you’re learning to drive and direct a meat wagon. All those hours of hard labour, successes and failures along the way, were the driving lessons – all geared towards getting me ready to get my licence, so I can head out on the open road on my own, under my own steam, and in the direction I want to go. This is where the learning really begins, this is where life begins.

You see, as I sit here at 30 years old and reflect back on my 20’s, it is obvious to me that I am a completely different person to that young man who was looking out on life from a rented house which I shared with my best mate, working a couple of part time jobs to try and keep the bills paid and fun flowing whilst I worked on my dream of becoming a rock star. How things have changed. I now sit here looking out on the next 10 years (and beyond) sharing my life with my soul mate (sounds corny, but for me it really is the only way to describe my relationship with my partner), with two beautiful little boys and financial liabilities in the form of mortgages and credit cards.

In the last year alone I have worked hard to become a World class athlete, winning a Tae Kwon Do World Championship Gold in July, I have worked hard to build my family’s business to twice what it was a year ago, and I became a double British Tae Kwon Do Champion winning a silver and two gold trophies for my performance at the event this weekend past. I am learning new things every single day that, as I master them, have the potential power to move the needle on my life like never before. I’m an open book, soaking everything in. My philosophy is to start from the perspective that there are no limits – there is nothing that is impossible – and my whole life revolves around pushing the boundaries to find out exactly how much I’m capable of. At the end of the day, if I say I’m going to do something, one way or another, I am going to do it. As they say, where there’s a will there’s a way, and I am one tenacious, motivated and driven little fucker!

“What the mind can see and believe, the mind can achieve”

What I find really amazing though, is the insurmountable level of personal development and betterment that I’ve undergone through my 20’s to the point that I wonder if I would even recognise the man behind the eyes of my younger self should I have the opportunity to meet him today. It is for this reason that I look out on my 30’s with excitement, determination and positivity. If I can come that far in the last 10 years, just imagine what I can achieve in the next 10!

My plan of personal development has only just begun, and one of the most wonderful things about it is that I have so far left to go. It’s knowing that I’m still a long way off where I want to be that excites me most – after all, learning is not something you can ever finish.

The next ten years will be focused on building the mental tools I need to realise my definition of success. It will be about learning and growth, and I am excited by the thought of spending the next 10 years and beyond turning over every single rock I can find to see what’s underneath it. I will be building my relationships and getting better at being a father, partner, son, brother and friend to everyone I love.

It’s all down hill from here? Bullshit. All that means is that the downward slope will accelerate my forward motion, it means I will have to use less fuel to gain speed and it will help to propel me to my goals and to realising the life I’m working so hard to build.

I’ve no doubt that the next 10 years will be the best of my life; the ground work is done, and now it’s full steam ahead – time to take the training wheels off.

Watch this space, or better still – come and join me on the ride; today is the beginning of the rest of our lives.

Don’t waste this opportunity.


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