We Must Ask Better Questions

The quality of the questions we ask dictates the quality of the answers we receive at any and every level. If you ask limiting question, you will invariably get a limiting answer.

Example: Why am I so financially poor?

This is a limiting question, that is only going to reinforce and make you focus on the reasons why you are financially poor – it is focusing on the problem, when you should be focusing on the solution.

A better question would be: How many ways can I think of to create abundant financial wealth in my life?

Can you see the difference straight away? The latter version of the question forces your brain to focus on finding solutions, and immediately predisposes your brain to look for solutions by asking a question that assumes there are solutions. There is always a solution to every problem, people just sometimes have a distinct lack of creativity and tenacity in finding them. When you ask a question like my second example, your mind is automatically in a state of knowing that there is a solution to your lack of financial wealth and immediately gets to work on brainstorming ideas that will produce more financial wealth in your life. Conversely, when you ask a question such as that in my first example, your starting point is a state of complete helplessness and the first thing your mind will do is tell you all the reasons why you are failing to achieve the level of wealth to which you aspire, as those are the most suitable answers to such a question.

I have believed for a long time now that there is no problem I cannot overcome when I put myself in a resourceful state, and by doing so I set myself up for success. As Anthony Robbins said, all the problems you have, all the reasons for your failures come down to a lack of resources – I didn’t have the time; I didn’t have the money; I didn’t have the support. These are all resources. But, it’s not a lack of resources which leads to our failure to achieve our goals in life, it’s a lack of resourcefulness!

Look around you to all the successful people in the World; did they succeed because they were born with all the resources they needed to achieve their goals? NO! Unless they were born into money, they started from the same place as the rest of us – they started by being raised in a normal family, or even having nothing to their name, and they have built empires around them. They got the resources they needed because they were masters at putting themselves in a resourceful state. Success leaves clues….

One of the best quotes I’ve heard over the last 12 months is, “there is not a lack of money in the World, there is a lack of creativity utilised to unlock it” – or words to that effect. It’s true. There are more billionaires and millionaires in the World today than ever before in history, so it doesn’t take a genius to see that there is plenty of money in the World. The problem, is that few people are resourceful enough to access it.

Part of being resourceful is asking empowering questions; questions that set you up for success; questions that are predicated on the solutions rather than the problem. Your internal dialogue and the language you use when you speak to yourself and others is more powerful than you likely realise. For example, I could tell you that I have a problem at work with one my projects running behind schedule OR I could tell you that I have a challenge at work whereby one of my projects in running late. The difference in the effect that has on the way you view what I’ve told you in nothing short of profound! All I did was change one word -my ‘problem’ became a ‘challenge’. A problem comes with a stigma, it is viewed as something that will get you down and leaving you feeling defeated and un-resourceful, as if it’s an external influence beyond your control. However, a challenge is a summit to be reached, a work in progress, and something you have the power to control the outcome for. I love a challenge, and I hate problems. There’s a big difference.

I avoid negative language these days like the plague – it’s not always easy, but with some mindful and self-aware thinking, you can catch yourself and recondition your go-to language in ways that will change your life and the way you view what it throws at you. A challenge is an experience from which I can learn and grow, and that beats having problems any day of the week.

Better questions lead us to better answers every time; we must learn to be more resourceful by asking better questions – our success depends on it.


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