Stepping Up To The World Stage

I’ve spent three years working to become a multiple champion in my martial art – British Heavyweight Champion 2015, Welsh Middleweight Champion 2016, English Tag Team Champion 2016, North Wales Champion 2016, and all the championship medals/trophies for all the national and regional events in between. In three years, I’ve gone from knowing nothing, being a sedentary man who was letting my body waste away and atrophy, to working my way through the entire belt grade system in one of the most exciting and prestigious martial arts being practised today. I’ve passed every milestone with flying colours, my dedication and performance pushing me to the top of every pile. I’m the only person that I know of in my club to have passed every belt grade with A* marks and have been awarded three best in grading awards and competitor of the year.

I show up as a champion every time I step on the mats or into my training halls, and I am lucky enough to have the privilege of training with some of the best in the World – you are the sum of the people you surround yourself with. The support I’ve had from both my instructors and fellow students really has allowed me to stand on the shoulders of giants, and for that I am forever grateful. I owe them so much.

The last 6 months of my life has been intense to say the least; I’ve had to juggle family, building a business, perpetual personal growth and learning, training and qualifying as a health and fitness professional and training morning and night to take my Tae Kwon Do skills and fitness to the next level in preparation for the World Championships this weekend. It’s been really hard. It’s put a hell of a lot of stress on me both mentally and physically. But I am here, and I am ready. Unless you ever go through a similar experience, you won’t have any idea the effort and mental and physical discipline this has required.

So, now I sit here on the precipice; this weekend I step up on to the World stage to pit myself against the very best in the World. I sit here quietly confident, I sit here ready. I’ve put in the hard work, I’ve put in the training and mental preparation – I am the man I need to be to achieve my goals. There is no win or lose at this stage – I will walk into that arena on Saturday a true champion, and whatever happens I will leave there an even better champion; and I know I will learn so many valuable lessons from the experience.

“Adversity introduces a man to himself”

“Know thyself”


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