Life In Focus

It’s amazing how we can so easily go through life not considering or appreciating the things that hold true value, whilst focusing far too heavily on the things that have superficial value. For example, we are overly concerned with earning more money, getting that new car or gadget and generally increasing our perceived material worth, whilst simultaneously ignoring the ageing member of our family, not telling our parents and children we love them often enough and not making time for those who really add true value to our lives as conscious human beings.

I am guilty of this, and so are you… in one way or another, if we’re honest.

We stress about staying that extra hour at work to answer a few more e-mails or finish that last bit of paperwork, only to find that we missed seeing our beautiful children before bed. We get up early and rush into work to beat the traffic and the phone calls in a vain attempt at ‘getting more done’ (though it rarely works out that way), and miss out on the pleasure of dropping our kids off at school. We might miss birthdays or school plays because we had that big meeting in the city that couldn’t be missed, or because we have certain material obligations or commitments forced upon us by the will of others – are we really that weak and naive? Are we really that easily dominated by the materialistic nature that drives those who impose such distractions from the real value in our lives? Unfortunately, most of us, most of the time, are so easily led.

We seem to be hypnotised by the stern will of those who yell at us that ‘this is the way it has to be’, and ‘this is the way it has always been’. I vehemently disagree. Just because that was the way it was done it previous generations does by no stretch of the imagination mean that this is the way it should continue, or indeed that this is the best way. The only guarantee in life is change. I don’t care how things have always been done when we have evolved to see a better way – we know better. Let us be mindful of the risks of becoming trapped in the same old social dogma that went before us. As with the water under the bridge, we must embrace the ever changing tides of life – the beautiful evolution of it all. Let us not stagnate, turn sour and have the very nature of who and what we are destroyed by the parasites that thrive in such conditions. Isn’t that part of the problem we see with the world today? A world overrun with parasites, those who have everything invested in things staying the way they were so they can feast on the devolved flesh of society. There is no sense or value in this.

Tomorrow is too late to realise all this, as was so effectively and abruptly highlighted to me yesterday in a lesson from life that hit me in the face like a reverse turning kick from a World Champion kick boxer.

My Dad was in a plane crash.

He was lucky enough to walk away from it with his life and no injuries – and I can’t thank the Universe enough for that. Nevertheless, it focuses the mind and reminds us of what should be important to us; where the true value lies. A wake up call like no other.. I hope as much for him and it was for us.

There was nothing he could have done to avoid it. In fact, he managed the situation he found himself in like a true hero, and it’s because of his cool, collected calm and years of experience flying light aircraft that he is still with us today. I admire him for that in more ways that he may appreciate.

As he was approaching the airfield at which his plane is hangered, and upon attempting to lower the landing gear, he found that the front landing gear failed to deploy. After having tried to lower and raise it several times to get it to engage, the situation he now faced became coldly obvious to him.

He re-routed to a different airfield with better emergency capabilities, and then was forced to try and land his plane with no front landing gear at all. He approached the runway slow, with the emergency services at the ready, and just before he got to the numbers had to kill the engine and the plane literally fell out of the sky. He wasn’t very high at this point, but the plane dropped losing all lift and the nose hit the runway. He slid across it about 100 yards until he came to a safe stop, nose buried in the tarmac.

When I heard, my heart jumped out of my mouth. That man is a hero for handling that the way he did, and it’s because of his nerves of steel and resolve that he’s still with us today.

I am writing about this for you because of the profound effect it has had on me, and because of the huge value I can see in this lesson. I am writing this today so you too can benefit from this experience – I hope this helps to focus your mind as it has mine, and as I hope it has his.

Take that long weekend with your wife.
Pick your little boy up from school.
Go home early with a bunch of flowers.
Take the day off to go and see your children do what they love.
Be there and make the time for those who love you, and for those who you love.
Tell those in your life what they mean to you.
Say no to the things in life that don’t serve you.
Realise the difference between those things in life that hold true value, and those that don’t.

Tomorrow may be too late…


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