Think Like a Fish

I was with a business client recently, and after our meeting I had a tour of their workplace where I unexpectedly came across a swimming pool… filled with Koi Carp fish! The conversation that followed was both fascinating and relevant to our previous conversations around business. As I learned, these fish can grow pretty big… […]

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The Ethics of Selling

So many people view selling and sales in such a negative light, and that’s easy to understand given most people’s experience of it. But is sales what it used to be? Is it still fair to represent it in our minds by thinking of that pushy salesman trying to convince us to buy things we […]

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What the F**k is Bitcoin?

As we leave 2017 behind in the dust, there aren’t many people left who haven’t heard a whisper or murmur of the word ‘Bitcoin’. In fact, towards the end of 2017, the hype and media coverage around Bitcoin and other Crypto Assets seems to have reached fever pitch. With the constant media fluctuations between reporting […]

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The 3 Key Habits of Success

The question ‘what is success’ will have a different answer depending on who you are, what your values are and how you’ve been shaped by your past experiences. However, there are 3 key principals that every successful person knows and respects, regardless of what their version of success is. It’s important to note that there […]

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The Power of Language

Language is a really powerful tool; so powerful that we often completely underestimate the power it can have in our lives. Yes – language facilitates communication and collaboration between individuals and large groups alike, but it works at a much deeper level than just facilitating the co-ordination of our activities. To dig a little deeper […]

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Does Quitting Make You A Failure?

Does quitting something that not working out for you make you a failure? Or does it make you smart for moving on from something that wasn’t working anyway, freeing you up to work on something that’s more in line with your skills and abilities? Well, that depends. It’s not as cut and dry as being […]

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